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If you've bought from me before, please leave me some feedback! Thank you very much!

~Feedback as a Seller~
Positive : 29 + 8 from Loligothdbs (site closed)
Neutral : 0
Negative : 0

~Feedback as a Buyer~
Positive : 2 + 3 from Loligothdbs
Neutral : 0
Negative : 0

Full Feedback Screenie from Loligothdbs: http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff101/sweetsherbette/79ee89ee.gif


Before you shop..

* The prices stated do not include shipping. Please inquire with your location for a quote.
* I will ship with Registered Airmail by default, which includes tracking, however a different method of shipment may be selected by the buyer's request.
* Please allow up to maximum of 7 business days for the item to be shipped out.
I reserve the right to choose my buyer. Should an occasion arise such that two or more buyers express interest on the same item, the item will go to the one who can pay first.
* Payment is expected within 48 hours.
* I have positive feedback here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/256026.html
* Only paypal is accepted. All sales are final and no returns or refunds will be entertained. I shall not be held responsible for any damages or loss once the parcel has been shipped.
* Holds and payment plans are OK, but if the buyer backs out, I will leave negative feedback.

BTSSB Headdress

Slight yellowing

$22 + shipping

BTSSB Poodle Pen Case

$22 + shipping

Cotton Cutsew

$10 + shipping

Whimsical Dress

$25 + shipping

2-part Vest Set

$30 + shipping

Cropped Hoodie

$15 + shipping

Three-Quarter Cotton Leggings

$15 + shipping

Pattern Leggings

Note: Not much stretch. Made of a kind of gauzy material

$25 + shipping

Floral Blouse

Size US 6

$10 + shipping

Black vs Brown

I'm going to get myself a winter coat, whether I'll find myself in an environment under 10 celcius or not.

I went on the auctions and found two coats to my likingCollapse )

casual loli?

Today it was my father's restaurant's reopening ceremony so I decided to grab the chance and dress up.

In-built petti + new petti = GIANT FLUFF OF DOOMCollapse )

Black Alice Lucky Pack

Package from Anna House


Sunny Day Dress Up Set


Dreaming Princess Lucky Pack